Video SEO: Giving Your Brand The Power Of Motion

Did you know that over 70% of online traffic will click on a video as opposed to any other form of media? That is true and underlines the importance of video SEO to your brand. A point in example is how Google is now ranking search results. If you have been keen, Google shows video content of your search results above all the other formats.

Why? More and more online visitors prefer videos to any other forms of content. Therefore, if you want to rank highly and expose yourself to potential visitors, it is time you take video content seriously.   Videos are not only powerful ranking parameters, but also the perfect media to pass messages, convince audiences, and drive your agenda.

With the proper definition of your purpose and avoiding the typical pitfalls, video SEO for small businesses can be the silver bullet towards achieving brand recognition, tenfold of sales, and friendliness to search engines.  

How to do Video SEO so that your videos can Rank #1 on YouTube & Google!

How To Do Video SEO 

It is no doubt that video SEO is commanding a fair portion of traffic. It is time you give your website, video channel, or social media page an edge when it comes to search engine optimization for video.

The million-dollar question is: how do you do video SEO like a pro? 

Keyword Research For Videos

Firstly, you need to start with keyword search. Otherwise, you will be navigating blindly without the exact key phrases. Once you know what kind of videos and information visitors are looking for, it becomes easy to turn your website into a hub.  

Video Creation

Next is the creation of relevant videos. Unfortunately, not every video passes as informational and useful. This is whereby you have to be strict on what goes into your pages, channel, or whatever platform you own. Relevance is very crucial to sending your videos and brand into a viral swing.  


Optimize Your Website For Speed

Another essential step is making sure your content is speed optimized. Yes, you have the videos, but they are useless if it takes ages to upload. Remember, online visitors are the most impatient crop of target audiences. They only allow you 3 seconds of wait time, and they are off to another fast-loading website.  

Consistency is Key for Video SEO

Lastly, consistency is very critical to your SEO friendly website. You do not post one video in a full week and expect your visitors to remain loyal. They will go to other places where they get fresh content after every day or a few hours. You have to incorporate consistency into your videos posting. Make it a habit of uploading new content each day. It can even be several times spread across the day.

Audience Research

One important tip is to know when your audience is active. This is the time you need to give them a new video. Learn their online patterns, and yours will be the first place they visit when they have a free minute. 

Wrap up 

Video SEO is becoming the king of marketing your content, product, or whichever services you are offering. Do not be left out the future of driving traffic to your channel, website, or social media page. It is time to claim your share of the online pie and video for SEO is the way to go.

Video is especially powerful for marketing your Roofing or Plumbing business because you can show off your personality, and the quality of your work. If you want to learn more you can Contact Us anytime.